"Dizziness" such as Meniere's disease etc. with unclear cause is one of diseases that Western medicine is not good at.
However, "dizziness" with unclear cause is an easy disease to treat with TCM on the other hand.
Inside of normal person, Qi, Blood and Body fluids are circulating regularly without stagnation.
However, when this flow is too much or stagnated with some reasons it will cause some changes to your body.
TCM considers that when this change is caused at Upper Jiao symptoms such as dizziness will appear.
★TCM classifies cause of dizziness into three.
1,In case flow to head becomes too much.
2,In case flow down from head is stagnated.
3,In case there is not enough energy to circulate Qi, Blood and Body fluids through out the body.

In case of 1, in many cases stress is related and is likely to accompany irritation.
In case of 2, it is likely for those who intake excessive fluid. 
In case of 3, it is likely among the elderly and women after delivery.

These are mere references and not a cause to all dizziness.
Usually it is rare to come up with a patient with textbook dizziness. In most dizziness these are overlapped to cause the symptom.
Dizziness found particularly many recently is the one caused by “excess intake of fluid”.
Western medicine recommends taking more fluid however it is the opposite with TCM. Upon taking excess fluid more than the body requires, this all turns into “Damp” (fluid unnecessary to body) and cause some problems. Dizziness is only an example.
Particularly dizziness which worsens on the rainy days is likely to be due to excess intake of fluid.
Only creature to intake more than necessary fluid is “human-being” on the earth. Be sure to look out for those who excessively intake fluid as usual. 

Chinese herbal medicine often used for Headache(migraine headache).

The price in the case of taking for one month.
Chinese Herbal Medicine
Price (without Tax)

HOCHYU-EKKI-TO   \10,300

All prices are in Japanese yen(\).

Other Chinese herbal medicine many be used according to a constitutional predisposition.
Unless otherwise you have physical constitution exactly like textbook, other Chinese herbal medicines may be used along with these above depending on your physical constitution.

Taking Chinese Herbal Medicine with amateur judgement should be avoided. Please be sure to consult with TCM specialist before taking it.
Even safe Chinese Herbal Medicines can be dangerous depending how to use.

There should be no problem in converting Japanese Yen into US dollars.

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